How do you deal with boredom?

Most people have experienced boredom at some point or another, and know that it is a natural part of life. There are some, however, who have little tolerance for being bored, and are constantly chasing after the next high.  (more…)

Two in five new parents experience mental health issues

Are you a new parent, or know a new parent who is struggling with anxiety or depression? A recent poll shows that 2 in 5 new parents will suffer from a mental health disorder after birth. New mothers and fathers need to be aware that it is normal to struggle after the birth of a first child. Help and support from...[ read more ]

Can Past Trauma and Stinking Thinking Be Causing My Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is usually much more than just long-term physical pain. Many people who are suffering from stressful situations or traumatic events also report suffering from physical pain. Research has shown that people experiencing the following conditions are also more likely to have chronic pain. (more…)

5 Foods That Will Put You In A Rotten Mood

Food can affect your mood in more ways than you know, and may even be a leading cause of depression. My clients easily make the connection between being hungry and being in a bad mood—a.k.a. 'hangry'—but they don't often realize that what they eat on a daily basis can also have a direct impact on their mood – Emily Edison, RD...[ read more ]

A letter from an addict

Love your addict, know that they are sick, but don't let their sickness make you ill. If they could this is what they would tell you: (more…)

First Sexual Experiences Don’t Mix Well With Alcohol

A study shows that a woman’s "first time" can be more negative if she is under the influence.  Chances are, it can also be rape. The study shows that 18 percent of women whose first sexual experience involved alcohol, (more…)

Turning Off Your Dreams Is a Bad Idea

Having bad dreams? You can now turn off your dreams! Now, with the flick of a switch, you have the ability to activate or deactivate the neurons responsible for your dream. It may seem tempting, but it may not be wise. For every bad dream, there are many good dreams, (more…)

Stay away from post-holiday depression

Are you feeling the "Christmas Blues"? Did the holidays leave you with negative thoughts and feelings about your life? Psychiatrists have long pondered the reason for all this post-holiday negativity, and offered a few pointers to help you get out of it. (more…)

It’s time to finally get a restful night’s sleep

People who struggle with sleep problems may notice that they get worse during the holiday season. Watch this video about sleep hygiene and you can start to enjoy all the health benefits that come along with sleeping well! Happy Holidays!

Holiday sleep hygiene challenge—Week 2

If you missed last weeks post, I recommend your going back to it, to assess your sleep patterns. You can read it here. Now that you have correctly assessed yourselves, it is time to start implementing some changes to your sleep patterns so you can enjoy deeper, more restful sleep during this holiday season. (more…)