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Announcement: J.D. Murphy is training to be a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Announcement: J.D. Murphy is training to be a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

[caption id="attachment_1399" align="aligncenter" width="255"] Patrick Carnes, PhD, expert in sex addiction.[/caption] J.D. Murphy has begun training under Patrick Carnes, PhD, a world-renowned expert in sex addiction, whose research and insights have benefitted thousands of people struggling with sex addiction in America and across the world. J.D. Murphy is currently a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) candidate through the International Institute...[ read more ]

Americans are suffering with drugs alone

Nearly fifty years into the war on drugs, we seem further away from victory than ever. Research shows that as many as one in ten Americans have had a serious problem with drug abuse at some point in their life. Right now, four percent of our countrymen are addicted to drugs. What's almost as disturbing, though, is how few of them...[ read more ]

How your brain chemistry affects your addiction

The Butler Center for Research has published an update about the functionality of brain chemistry and why chronic substance abusers continue their destructive behavior even when there is clear evidence that it leads to a myriad of problems. Click here to read the full article. (more…)

The truth behind addiction

The word addiction is thrown around very freely these days, and the first things that come to mind for most of us, is alcohol, drugs and maybe even cigarettes. In Shawn Henfling's article for The Good Men Project, he offers another perspective as he takes a deeper look into addiction, and gives us more to think about than what first...[ read more ]

Using faith to recover from addiction

Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel that your situation has no way of getting better? Do you feel like your addiction is bigger than you and you don’t have the power or the will to look it in the eye and beat it? Turning to faith That’s where faith comes in. Jeff Jay, author of Navigating Grace: A Solo Voyage...[ read more ]

Silent Epidemic: Seniors and Addiction

Most of us are aware of the addiction problems facing the younger generation, but did you know that the risk of addiction can also affect seniors? Many people, in the older generation, are prescribed medications that may seem harmless, but overdose of such medications can be just as harmful as those from heroin sold on the street. (more…)

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Holds Promise For Treating Addiction

Meditation and mindfulness have increasingly become more popular in treating all sorts of mental illnesses, from depression to PTSD.... and even helping addicts recover from addiction! This article in HuffPost Science, reports that mindfulness-based relapse prevention, is an eight-week program that can help even the most serious addicts with the lowest recovery rates. (more…)

For Addicts, Fantasy Sites Can Lead to Ruinous Path

Do you know someone struggling with an addiction? Have they been struggling to combat the addiction, and are now starting to engage in fantasy sites, or fantasy sports? There has been a large scale debate discussing whether fantasy sports – an unregulated multibillion-dollar industry financed by media companies, hedge funds and professional sports organizations is considered gambling. The fantasy companies say their daily...[ read more ]

10 % of American adults has had a serious drug problem

Are you or a loved one struggling with a substance abuse problem? Have you considered the help of a mental health professional? In this article in Newsweek, it is reported that 1 in 10 American adults experience a serious drug problem at some point in life, and only 25 percent of them received professional help. People with a drug use...[ read more ]

Defusing the Cravings Bomb in Addiction Recovery

We've all felt a craving for something at some point in our lives. Be it a craving for pizza, ice cream or a delicious hamburger, cravings are a part of every day life. For an addict on his road to recovery, a craving can be the source of his downfall. When a craving that is associated with drug use is...[ read more ]