Is Your Marriage on the Skids?

If the songwriter Chuck Prophet describes your marriage accurately in, “Marriage on the Skids,” then it may be time to reach out for help with JD Murphy.

“Marriage on the skids

And the folks ain’t doing well

We’re holding on, we’re holding on…”

Lyrics by Chuck Prophet

During couples counseling sessions for those in troubled relationships or marriages, J.D. often finds that the partners have put band-aids on their relationship problems for years and years. Sooner or later the band-aids peel off and problems emerge that can trouble or even sink your marriage, but that can be avoided with marriage counseling and therapy to help set you and your partner on the right track.

Sweeping problems under the rug is a great short term solution. But, in a marriage, we are in dedicated, long-term relationships. When we sweep something under the rug again and again, guess what happens? We end up tripping over the rug.

Sometimes, it’s about losing communication

If you feel like you and your spouse just can’t communicate anymore or have lost that loving feeling, marital counseling can get you back on track. If you feel like you are two strangers coexisting in the same home, then J.D. may be able to help you recover feelings that your relationship had lost and build new, deeper feelings that can last for a lifetime.

In marriage counseling, you’ll learn to communicate more clearly in your relationship. Communication problems can destroy your marriage, but they can also be addressed. You may be surprised at how you and your spouse can learn to meaningfully communicate in ways that meet both of your needs. You can move from “he/she doesn’t understand me” to “he/she really gets me.”

Fighting, over and over again

No relationship is conflict free. Two people can’t live together without friction. Sometimes, however, conflict gets out of control. Do you describe your marriage as one where “we keep arguing and fighting,” “we keep getting into arguments,” “we fight about the same thing”? If you do, you are not alone. There’s no shame in accepting help with your marriage, and a knowledgeable, unbiased third party could be the mediator you need to help you communicate past your relationship issues.

Working with J.D., you will not learn to have a magical relationship where you never disagree. However, you can learn conflict management. You can learn how to stop repeating the same fight over and over again.

Have you lost trust in each other?

After infidelity, it’s common to feel, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust him or her again.” In fact, it’s a completely reasonable feeling.

Sometimes you may need help to figure out if you should end the relationship or try and work things out. In marriage counseling for a relationship that involves infidelity, J.D. may work with both of you as a couple or he may offer one-on-one sessions with just one of the spouses to help work through the underlying issues that may be triggering infidelity.

Your next step to get your marriage back on track

Reach out to J.D. Murphy today. J.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, who brings experience and training to help you get your relationship to a better place. You can change, your marriage can get better, and your family life can improve. Take the first step. Reach out now for help with marriage counseling in Pineville.