Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Holds Promise For Treating Addiction

DeterminationMeditation and mindfulness have increasingly become more popular in treating all sorts of mental illnesses, from depression to PTSD…. and even helping addicts recover from addiction!

This article in HuffPost Science, reports that mindfulness-based relapse prevention, is an eight-week program that can help even the most serious addicts with the lowest recovery rates.

The program was developed at the University of Washington, and researchers are incredibly optimistic about MBRP’s potential to change the landscape of addiction recovery.

We’re all sitting in the same circle, we’re all swimming around in the same human mess, and we’re all struggling with things — whether or not we’re addicts. Maybe one person has particular tendencies that are manifesting in addiction, and another person can have the same basic makeup but their problem is different. It could be working too much or eating too much.

–Dr. Sarah Bowen

Mindfulness, and meditation is all about being aware of what is really going on inside you. Facing those truths can be a significant factor in recovering from an addiction.

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