Overcoming Abandonment

Do you feel painfully isolated and alone? Are you struggling to feel accepted and understood? Do you feel lonely and lost in a world full of strangers? These feelings could stem from abandonment issues and could be steering your relationships in the wrong way.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness can be expected at times throughout life. When your feelings of loneliness turn into overwhelming feelings of abandonment, and you are struggling to get through each day, it may be time to seek out help. Mental health therapy with J.D. Murphy in Pineville can help.

When feeling abandoned, it may be helpful to keep the following thoughts in mind:

“God has me enclosed. He is in front of me. He is behind me. He has His hand on me. I may feel as if I am alone and lost, but God tells me that He is always with me–and not only with me – but surrounding me, enclosing me, holding me. I cannot get away from Him, even if I tried.”

Among other things, meditating on the idea that God is always with you, will help you to keep the feelings of loneliness and abandonment at bay.

Reach out for help today

If you are feeling lonely, isolated and abandoned, J.D. Murphy can support you and help you work through your feelings and come to a place of acceptance and happiness. Give him a call today, to step on the path to a more fulfilling, less lonely life.