Sensation Seekers: When Boredom Intolerance Becomes Pathological

Sensation Seekers: When Boredom Intolerance Becomes PathologicalEveryone has ups and downs in life, times we are happy and times we are sad.

We all go through periods of productivity and times of boredom. Wanting a successful and productive life is a healthy and normal desire.

There are some however, that can not handle the everyday, mundane realities that exist in their lives.

How we handle boredom and frustration says a great deal about the likelihood we’ll abuse alcohol or drugs, engage in risky behaviors, or wind up being diagnosed with certain psychological disorders.

–Dr. George Simon, PhD

There are some who are constantly looking for the next thrill or the next high, never satisfied with what is in front of them.

Sensation seekers tend not only to get bored easily but also require inordinately high levels of stimulation to feel good….We know that detecting excessive sensation craving tendencies early and addressing them in the prime formative years can be key to healthier personality development.

–Dr. George Simon, PhD

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