Suffering: Seek Out and Embrace a More Nourishing Story

Fotolia_19548427_XS-scaled-300-percent-1024x685 (1)What kind of stories do you tell yourself? How many times do you replay a conversation or situation in your head wondering how it could have been so bad.

Many times the suffering we endure is because of the stories we create, or allow to take up space in our brain. These stories create cycles of anger, hurt and resentment, and it is hard to extract yourself from to downward spiral.

Often it is not the actual event or person that keeps on hurting us, but our “thoughts about” the event or person instead. They may have hurt us once, but by rumination, we re-injure ourselves again and again.

–Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph, on

Every experience and story will shape you depending on how you let it affect you. You CAN stop telling yourself the same painful, negative stories over again and again. The choice is yours.

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