3 Different Types of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, depression, or both, can weave a complicated tapestry through your life, to the point where it’s often hard to even identify what you’re suffering from. That’s where J.D. Murphy and his support staff come into play. Today, we’re here to tell you a little bit about different types of anxiety and depression as well as some of the underlying causes behind them.

While causes can overlap to some degree, treatments are far from one-size-fits-all. When you come into J.D. Murphy Christian Counseling in Pineville, we’ll help you get to the bottom of your mental health issues by identifying the root causes of your emotions. From there, we’ll dig into any of the trauma and thought processes that may be plaguing you in order to help you recover to the point where you may be able to help others with their anxiety and depression struggles.

Various Types of Anxiety and Depression and Their Typical Associations

Anxiety and depression come in many different forms, so the therapy and counseling built around them can be very different as well. While some have more acute, identifiable reasons for their presence, others can seemingly come out of nowhere.

General Anxiety Disorder — This is a label put on those with anxiety who suffer from exaggerated worry and stress almost every day of their life. The issues they may worry about could range anywhere from their health, to money, or to whether or not they left the burner on at home. While all of these things have to be attended to in life, people with generalized anxiety disorder will start to fret at a level disproportionate to their problem. This is when natural, god-given worries about survival cross into being excessive. For those suffering, it’s as if every missed opportunity or mistake will be the end of them. The good news for those suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder is that there are proven and relatively easy roads to better mental health and a more relaxed life. If you’ve lived a life that’s been relatively free of trauma, but you’re still suffering from anxiety, then treatment for generalized anxiety disorder may be what’s best for you.

Panic Disorder — Often an add-on to generalized anxiety disorder, but not always, panic disorder is a condition that’s characterized by sudden, and very intense moments of panic that aren’t in response to present danger. Often people feel like they’re having a heart attack or on the verge of death. While the cause of panic disorder and panic attacks is largely unknown, a few factors, such as genetics, major stressors, and changes in brain functioning are some of the characteristics associated most with those who are diagnosed with panic disorder. The good news with panic disorder is that there are plenty of effective mental health therapy techniques that can make treatment extremely effective. Unlike anxiety, which we all experience from time to time, panic disorder and the attacks that come with it can be effectively treated to the point where you may never have one again.

Trauma-Related Anxiety and Depression — While there are a few exceptions where someone’s natural temperament leads them into anxiety and depression, much more often, people deal with anxiety and depression because of latent fear and worry caused by prior events. These are the hardest cases of anxiety and depression to solve, but also some of the most restricting. Those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), abandonment-related depression and anxiety, or even general anxiety, often have specific events in their life that are affecting their thought process and mental health on almost every level. While these are some of the most intimidating cases to seek counseling or therapy for, they can be some of the most rewarding comebacks. It takes an immense amount of personal strength to overcome seeing death, experiencing sexual assault, or dealing with physical abuse. Unfortunately, this is just the start of a long list of events that could traumatize a person. However, those who choose to make the journey can overcome their trauma, see their life in a new light, and embrace their true selves.

Stand Up to Anxiety and Depression With J.D. Murphy

No matter the reason for your anxiety and depression, they are bound to hinder you from leading the life that you intend. However, with mental health counseling and therapy from J.D. Murphy in Pineville, you can help yourself get back to the successful, healthy person you want to be.