“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”

Jeremiah 1:5

Why do I act the way I do? Many have asked themselves this question, but fewer find the answer. Without the ability to understand their inner springs of emotion, many of us wander in darkness, yearning to lead a better life, but without the knowledge of how to start. All the tools you need are deep down inside of you. You just have to use them. The same God who gave unto the world his only son formed you with a set of strengths and talents that you can use to draw closer to Him and lead a Christlike life.

Temperament therapy can help you discover who you truly are and use that knowledge to transform your life into one that’s happier for you and those around you. Learning how to interpret your emotions is one of the first real steps towards true mental health, and J.D. Murphy is here in Pineville with counseling services that can do just that.


Temperament therapy is based on a profound understanding of the nature of human beings formed by God. In simple terms, we can say that there are three layers to each human being: temperament, character, and personality.

  • The Temperament is each person’s inborn nature, placed into him or her by God. This determines on the most fundamental level how you relate to other people, your environment, and God Himself. The five temperament types are Choleric (task oriented, fast-paced, and motivated to lead), Melancholic (creative, independent-minded, and perfectionist), Phlegmatic (easy going and oriented towards negotiation and peacemaking), Sanguine (outgoing, optimistic, and enthusiastic), and Supine (gentle spirited, prone to follow others).
  • The Character is what is produced by your temperament interacting with your environment, locking certain patterns of behavior and ways of seeing the world into your brain.
  • The Personality consists of the traits that you yourself select and present in your interactions with others.

The key point to understand is that although your character is molded by the environment and your personality is shaped by your conscious decisions, your temperament, the most fundamental part of you, is formed by God and remains the same. If your career, hobbies, and role in the community are not well-suited to your temperament, then the result is unhappiness and stunted development, socially, morally, and spiritually.

Temperament therapy is based on helping you discover what your God-given temperament really is and exploring ways that you can change your life to develop your innate strengths and smooth off the rough edges. Even after years of trying to live as someone you are not, you can gain an understanding of who you were truly created to be and how you can fulfill your role in God’s plan for the world and improve your mental health and happiness.


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