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5 tips for being married to an introvert

Man Sitting On Bench During A Beautiful SunsetAre you married to an introvert?

Any introvert can tell you that they draw their energy from being alone. An introvert is not necessarily shy, but after spending time in a social setting, they will need time to recharge.

Extroverts, on the other hand, are energized by people. They enjoy spending time socially and this is how they recharge.

Sara Hagmann shares 5 tips with us on how to successfully navigate the introvert-extrovert relationship. Read the full article here.

Set aside time for your spouse to be a homebody

Be willing to cancel plans and create alternatives

Ask questions

Entertain yourself

Let them socialize on their own terms

With an introvert-extrovert relationship, change is only possible when you learn how your partner needs to recharge, and respect it.

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