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Defusing the Cravings Bomb in Addiction Recovery

We’ve all felt a craving for something at some point in our lives. Be it a craving for pizza, ice cream or a delicious hamburger, cravings are a part of every day life.

For an addict on his road to recovery, a craving can be the source of his downfall. When a craving that is associated with drug use is triggered, the addict needs to exercise extreme levels of self-control to not allow the craving to take over.

Dabbling with a drug keeps the flame of the craving alive and able to flare up at any time because some critical brain neurons that responded to the chemicals have been transformed from their normal state into drug-seeking machines. They have literally come to expect the drug; to the neuron, it means they must have it to function.

–Dr. Roger P. Watts, Hazelden Betty Ford

You can start to build skills that will combat these cravings. On your journey to healing you will learn that you don’t have to give in to your cravings. You can learn to change your lifestyle and habits, not allowing yourself to go down the same dark paths that led to your addiction.

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