Does “dysfunctional family” describe your childhood?

How dysfunctional is your own family? Are childhood wounds from your dysfunctional family an insurmountable obstacle to your growth and a happiness as a adult and as a parent? I don’t think so.

Writing in FaithGateway, Max Lucado points out just how dysfunctional families were in the Book of Genesis.

hope your childhood was a happy time when your parents kept everyone fed, safe, and chuckling. I hope your dad came home every day, your mom tucked you in bed every night, and your siblings were your best friends.

But if not, you need to know you aren’t alone.

The most famous family tree in the Bible suffered from a serious case of blight. Adam accused Eve. Cain killed his little brother. Abraham lied about Sarah. Rebekah favored Jacob. Jacob cheated Esau and then raised a gang of hoodlums.

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History is not destiny. Just because you might have had a rough past doesn’t mean that your children are meant to experience your pain. You need not repeat the mistakes of the last generation. Call today, or fill out the contact form and click Send. I am here to help.