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How to help the wife of a spiritually apathetic husband

Heart leafIs your husband apathetic to anything connected to spirituality? Do you find yourself unsatisfied, or unfulfilled because of your husband’s lack of interest in anything spiritual?

If you or someone you know are married to a man who is disinterested, or spiritually apathetic, please consider this article for ideas of how to help the situation.

Women who’s husbands are spiritually disconnected, may find themselves struggling with fear, exhaustion and lack of contentment.

If you would like to help a woman who’s husband is spiritually apathetic, here are several ways you may be able to help

  • Encouragement
  • Show her better ways to respond to her husband
    • Responding with gentleness and respect
    • Responding with humility
    • Responding with forgiveness
  • Calm her fears
  • Talk to the husband

– Sam Hodges

Read the full article for more details and suggestions how to help women who are married to spiritually apathetic men.

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