Marriage Myth: My Spouse Will Make Me Whole

Many of us may have grown up with the belief that your spouse will “make you whole”, or “complete you”, and that every couple is “made for each other”. This is a dangerous myth that can sow the seeds of confusion and doubt in your marriage if things are less than perfect.

Marriage is a God-given way to improve and hone our beings. Marriage challenges us to new heights and calls us to be the best person possible, but neither marriage nor our partner will magically make us whole.

Couples who believe in that myth can become enmeshed with their partner, often leading to co-dependency.

Dependent partners desire happiness, not personal growth. They are not interested in nourishing the relationship but in being nourished by their partner. They believe the lie that says they will effortlessly be made whole simply by being married.

If you would like to save your marriage before it starts, you need to examine your individual well being as well as the well being of the relationship. A healthy relationship is one where each individual focuses on their own growth and development, as well as commit to develop and deepen the relationship.

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