Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Are you abusing drugs and alcohol and ready to get help?

Have you had a wake-up call following a DUI or other serious consequences of drug abuse? Are you struggling to quit drinking alcohol or overcome an addiction to prescription drugs?

If you want to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and get your life back, help is available.

J.D. Murphy offers therapy and support for those dealing with substance abuse problems and going through the process of addiction recovery. He will accompany you through all of the stages of recovery and support you as you rebuild your life.

Take steps to stop abusing drugs and alcohol

In therapy, we will work through the causes of your addiction. We will work to heal old wounds and trauma that contribute to addiction, including underlying conditions such as anxiety and depression, as needed.

With substance abuse treatment, you can learn to control your cravings and change your behavior for a better life.

Addiction affects your family and community

We will work on creating strategies that you can use to heal your relationships with others. Therapy is also available to your spouse and family members, who are also affected by addiction.

If you are a teenager, I’m going to work with your parents as well and possibly with your brothers and sisters.

By getting help for your own substance abuse or process addiction problem, you can help protect your family from the inadvertent effects of your affliction, and live a happier, better life with those closest to you.

AA and NA Support

As part of your recovery from drug addiction, J.D. Murphy recommends participation in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. If you are only ready to moderate, we can work on moderation together.

Get help with your addiction recovery today

If your friends, family, or employer have approached you about your drug or alcohol dependency, now is the time to get help. Don’t wait until you’re at risk for legal trouble. J.D. Murphy is here for you. Help for families, spouses, and parents of addicted individuals is available as well. Call today for more information.